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2003 Altec AM50 - MH Bucket Truck

2003 Altec AM50 - MH Bucket Truck

Altec Inc. is a US based manufacturer of bucket trucks and other equipment used in the electric utility, telecommunication and forestry industries

Altec, Inc. is an internationally recognized U.S. based brand that manufactures, sells and services equipment used primarily in the electric utility, telecommunication and forestry industries in over 100 countries across the globe.

A Brief History of Altec Inc.

Altec, Inc. was founded by Lee Styslinger, Sr. as the Alabama Truck Equipment Co. Originally, the old Alabama Truck Equipment Co. was located in a repurposed furniture manufacturing plant in Birmingham, AL. The Alabama Truck Equipment Co. got its start in manufacturing flatbed trailers and modifying trucks for industrial use. The business made a name for itself during World War II by being among the first manufacturers to use non-rusting aluminum truck parts in a time when steel was in high demand for war-time manufacturing.

After the death of Lee Styslinger, Sr. in 1952, his 19 year old son Lee Styslinger, Jr. took over as General Manager for the Alabama Truck Equipment Co. When Styslinger, Jr. took over the operations, the company had only 12 employees and grossed approximately $100,000 in sales annually. Four years later, Styslinger, Jr. became President of the Company. In 1956, he convinced his mother, Margaret Styslinger, to incorporate the business as Altec, Inc. and purchased 51% of the stock. After incorporation, the company grew exponentially

Continuing the family tradition, Lee Styslinger, III started his career with Altec, Inc. in 1983 as an international sales representative. He was appointed President and CEO of the company in 1994 and later became a Director in 2003.

Like his grandfather before him who lead the Alabama Truck Equipment Co. through the Great Depression, Lee Styslinger, III has managed to lead Altec, Inc. through the economic crash of 2008. Though not all employees could be retained, Styslinger, III has managed to limit lay-offs in one of the industries hit hardest by the crash. Presently, Altec, Inc. employs approximately 2,300 workers in the United States and Canada where the bulk of Altec’s business is done.

Products and Services Offered by Altec Inc.

Though Altec also manufacturers pressure diggers, digger derricks, cranes, Forestry Bucket Trucks, Wood Chippers, and other heavy equipment used in the telecommunication, forestry and electric utility industries, Altec is best known for manufacturing top quality bucket trucks.

There are four main product lines of bucket trucks produced by Altec: HiLine, Non-Overcenter, Overcenter and Telescopic.

The equipment manufactured by Altec, Inc. ranges in price, but is generally fairly expensive and credit is typically used to purchase the machines. Altec, Inc. offers it’s own in house financing through Altec Capital Services. Even with credit, however, Altec bucket trucks and digger derricks can be difficult or unattainable for individuals and small businesses to purchase new. For those on a tighter budget, a reconditioned Altec bucket truck or Altec digger derrick can be an affordable option.

Altec, Inc. also offers equipment operators OSHA and ANSI compliant safety training through their Altec Sentry Program. They have a variety of programs available in their Birmingham, AL and Roanake, VA facilities including:

  • Aerial Device (Bucket Truck) Operator Training,
  • Digger Derrick Operator Training,
  • Crane Operator Training, and
  • COYNE Adult Basic Life Support (CPR)

Upcoming training classes in their “brick and mortar” facilities are announced on the Altec Sentry Safety Training Schedule. For operators outside of these areas, Altec has announced on the Altec Sentry Program website that online training modules will be available soon.

In addition to manufacturing, financing and training, Altec Inc. also offers service and maintenance on all equipment that they manufacture. There are 16 service centers operating throughout the United States staffed with FPS-certified technicians that can perform a fairly comprehensive list of repairs on Altec manufactured equipment.

Resources for Further Information About Altec, Inc.


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